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    The 9 Best Sitka Shore Excursions for Your Alaska Cruise in 2023

    Located on the Pacific coast of the Inside Passage, Sitka is a bit off the main cruise routes through Southeast Alaska. While many companies do offer itineraries with a port stop in Sitka, plenty more itineraries stick to the calm waterways further inland and make other port stops like Juneau, Skagway, and Icy Strait Point. If you're on this post, you may have stops in those ports of call too – but you also want to know what to do during your time in Sitka, and which Sitka shore excursions are the best...

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    The 9 Best Icy Strait Point Excursions for Your Alaska Cruise in 2023

    You've finally decided: 2023 is the year to take the Alaska cruise you've been dreaming of – whether it's been a few years or a lifetime of waiting. One of the most exciting prospects when booking an Alaska cruise is choosing your Alaska cruise excursions in each port. These ports are where you can experience the real Alaska – if you know which excursions to choose, that is...

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    How to Choose the Best Alaska Cruise Excursions in 2023

    Alaska is a dream destination, and people are always surprised to learn that I grew up there. After that, they often ask me "What is it like to grow up in Alaska?" I love answering this, as it reveals that – for all its magic – Alaska is a pretty normal place with spectacular scenery. Then, people usually follow up by asking "Can you help me plan my Alaskan cruise/choose my Alaska cruise excursions?"...

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    The 9 Best Ketchikan Shore Excursions for Your Alaska Cruise in 2023

    Alaska's first city, Ketchikan, is surprisingly colorful. The buildings and waterfront are a mosaic of color: greens, reds, purples, and yellows are punctuated with totem poles (including the one in the U.S. passport!) and fishing industry memorabilia. Like most ports in the Last Frontier, Ketchikan has character – as do the Ketchikan shore excursions you can book during your Alaska cruise...

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    The 9 Best Juneau Shore Excursions for your Alaska Cruise in 2023

    As you plan your Alaska cruise, you'll see there are some destinations that almost every single cruise will visit. Juneau is one of those places. Nearly every cruise provider offers at least one cruise that goes through the capital city. The big cruise companies offer Juneau shore excursions you can take during your port stop there to help you fill the time (though you can certainly spend the time on your own)....

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    Which Alaska Cruise Ship Size Should You Book?

    There are so many ways to see Alaska, it can quickly get overwhelming when you're planning a trip. Maybe you've already narrowed it down a bit and know you want to take an Alaska cruise – that's a good start. But even then, you might soon find yourself drowning in a sea of open tabs on your computer, comparing companies, itineraries, prices, and more...

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    Windstar Cruises Alaska Review: A Luxury Sail through the Inside Passage

    Every morning, I would rise from bed, and walk to the curtains. I'd open them just a sliver – even at 6am, the sun was already high and the day was bright. And there it was: blue water – and blue skies! Though the forecast had called for rain the entire duration of our Windstar Cruise in Alaska and we packed with that in mind, good fortune smiled upon us. Almost every day of our journey through Alaska's Inside Passage aboard the Star Breeze was clear skies and sunshine... exactly the kind of magic you need to make memories in this incredible place...

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    Seward’s Best Day Cruise: Major Marine Tours Review (2022)

    Most people want to go to Alaska to take a cruise: they board a ship in Seattle or Vancouver, spend seven days wending their way north, and enjoy a few excursions along the way. Upon pulling into port in Alaska, usually in Seward or Whittier, they're then eager to explore Alaska by land: they see the sights in Anchorage, maybe explore the outdoors a bit (maybe by hiking), and try to catch a glimpse of Denali. Most visitors don't necessarily think to hop back on a boat and explore the waterways looking for wildlife; they skip the chance to explore these two northern ports entirely...