Travel Stories about Space Tourism

I may never go to space myself (hello, motion sickness!), but I am excited that someday, we all will.

Here’s my collection of quarterly news reports & exclusive stories exploring the last frontier.

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Space Tourism on Earth: Johnson Space Center
and Space Center Houston

From one space nerd to another: here's everything you need to know to visit Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston in Texas.

4 Space Tourism Predictions for 2017

It's going full steam ahead – the new space race is on! Here are four space tourism predctions I think we'll see happen in 2017.

What’s New in Space Tourism?
(Autumn 2016)

In this quarterly roundup, I pull together the top Space Tourism News from around the internet. Covering news and headlines from September to December 2016.

What’s New in Space Tourism?
(Summer 2016)

The latest news about the space tourism industry, including travel trends and pop culture. Everything you need to know and might have missed.

The Future of Space Tourism

Someday, we will be able to go deep into space, not just for exploration or research, but for vacation. Here are my musings and research on the future of space tourism.

Day 3 at NASA

On my third day at NASA, I had the pleasure to watch the successful launch of Orion. Never before have I witnessed such a spectacular feat of human innovation. Hopefully I will get to again one day!

Day 2 at NASA (of 3!)

After an unfortunate, scrubbed launch today, Orion is set to launch again tomorrow. Nonetheless, I saw more amazing places at NASA yesterday.

Day 1 at NASA

After an extremely busy and educational day at NASA yesterday, I'm excited (but tired) to go see the launch of the Orion today!

A “Crash” Course for the Orion EFT-1 Launch

Tomorrow is a big day for U.S. interstellar exploration! You may not know about the Orion EFT-1, but I'm about to fix that.