Every year on New Year’s Day, Mr. V and I make our way to the coast, and go for a walk. We spend that time discussing our personal and professional goals – and this year we’ve added marriage goals to the list since we’ll be tying the knot in July 2020. I love using January … Continue Reading

Twenty nineteen. What a year. What a long year. With political, social, and environmental issues at the forefront under a constant barrage of headlines and the 24/7 newscycle, it’s a little hard to look back on the year as a whole. But if we don’t look back – on society as a society and on ourselves … Continue Reading

Thank you Expedia for sponsoring this post. Visit Expedia.com to book your first trip of 2020! Back in 2011, I started tracking all of my travels on a calendar. After each trip, I would mark the dates on my digital calendar, and set the event to repeat yearly. Each year, I could see where I … Continue Reading

It’s been one year since Tony Bourdain died, and my life is completely different. I wanted to share why that happened.

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St. Paul’s Cathedral is designed to be iconic and memorable, indelible in the heart, the mind, and the soul. Here’s why it’s my favorite spot in London.