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Packing Lists for Travel

Life is too short to wait at the baggage claim, so I try to travel light.

Here’s my collection of packing lists of what I include in my valise when we hit the road.

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What to Pack for Long-Term European Travel

Taking a long trip to Europe? Packing is a major hurdle before you leave! Here are my best tips on what to pack for long-term European travel, from my trip.

What to Pack for a Destination Bachelorette Weekend

Going on a Destination Bachelorette Party? Here's what to pack for the bride's trip!

What to Pack for San Francisco

Unsure what to pack for San Francisco? It can be tough since the weather changes so much! Here is my perfect packing list for a trip to SF.

A Tieks Review for Travelers (After 1 Year)

The number one barrier to buying a pair of Tieks is the price. Trust me, I get it. If you’re...

iPhoneography Accessories:
What’s in My Camera Bag?

People often ask how I get such good photos and videos. To answer, here's the full list of iPhoneography accessories I keep in my camera bag.

What to Pack for Jordan as a Female Traveler

When I learned I was traveling to Jordan – a solid seven months before the trip would happen –, my excitement was through the roof! Little did I know that in those seven months, I would pack up my apartment, start living nomadically, and end up really sick while in Jordan itself. I also packed ALL the wrong clothes!

A Tale of Two Tieks

I wore my Tieks flats on a 10-day trip to Jordan, and put them through their paces. Read the story of their journey with me.

Extreme Light Packing For Ladies

My perception is that most minimalist packing lists are for men. Further research has shown this to be untrue, but I still want to add my own to help others who want to pack light.

Travel Wallet Review – How Kvitka Bags has Created the Perfect One

From the least girly girl you possibly know, here's a review of Kvitka Bags wonderful travel wallet, and a discount code!

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