Packing Lists for Travel

Life is too short to wait at the baggage claim, so I try to travel light.

Here’s my collection of packing lists of what I include in my valise when we hit the road.

Scroll down to see them all.


What to Pack for Portland, Oregon

What to Pack for Portland, Oregon

Heading to Oregon for an Instagram-worthy foodie or outdoors trip? You're in for a treat – and here's what to pack for Portland.

What to Pack for Travel in Alaska

Traveling to Alaska? You may wonder what you need to pack. After years of living in – and traveling to – Alaska, here are my best packing tips.

What to Pack for a 10-Day Caribbean Cruise

No need to stuff your luggage when heading to the Caribbean. Here's what to pack for a Caribbean cruise – budget friendly, wrinkle resistant, and light!

The World’s First Harry Potter Packing List

If you want to dress the part for your next Harry Potter themed trip, here's possibly the world's first Harry Potter packing list to help you!

What to Pack for Travel Blogging Conferences (Like TBEX, WITS, or IMM)

Curious what to pack for a travel blogging conference like TBEX or WITS? You need the right balance of travel + work, so here's a packing list to help you!

What to Pack for Long-Term European Travel

Taking a long trip to Europe? Packing is a major hurdle before you leave! Here are my best tips on what to pack for long-term European travel, from my trip.

What to Pack for a Destination Bachelorette Weekend

Going on a Destination Bachelorette Party? Here's what to pack for the bride's trip!

What to Pack for San Francisco

Unsure what to pack for San Francisco? It can be tough since the weather changes so much! Here is my perfect packing list for a trip to SF.

An Honest Tieks Review: Are Tieks Worth the Price & Other Questions Answered

Everybody raves about Tieks, but are they worth it? Here's my honest review of whether Tieks are worth the price – one year after buying my first pair.

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