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    9 Essential Alaska Cocktails to Sip & Savor

    Whatever you call them – cocktails, tipples, libations, mixed drinks – exploring a destination through its drinks is a great way to go. While I originally had strong preferences about which spirits I enjoyed (and didn't), I've become more agnostic – or perhaps open-minded – about liquor as I have gotten older and traveled more...

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    The Atlas of Alaska: All the Places Named Alaska in the World

    Sometimes, I get a wild hair while running this site. I focus so much on Alaska, and I occasionally come across a funny or fascinating topic I can't help but write about. That could be anything from why Denali National Park has no iconic hotel to how to visit Hope or Chicken (yes, both are real towns), or from tracing the origins of the Duck Fart – Alaska's one claim to libationary fame – to the history of Alaska's last (and next) solar eclipse...

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    Where to Eat in Seward: A Local Guide to 17 Must-Try Spots

    Nestled safely on the coast of Resurrection Bay, Seward is the Kenai Peninsula's most popular destination – in part aided by the fact that Alaskan cruise companies arrive and depart here throughout the summer months (and even into the late season!). During the peak season, there are enough visitors – both cruisers and independent travelers – to support a large number of restaurants and bars in this seaside community...

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    8 Great Things to Do Near Glacier National Park

    Ask anyone who's been: there's nowhere on earth like Glacier National Park in Montana. Towering Rocky Mountains have been carved over millions of years by the powerful forces of ice and water; today, the vistas along Going-to-the-Sun Road and in the Many Glacier and Two Medicine areas look as much like the paintings of the American Masters as the real here-and-now we're lucky to live in...

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    The Complete Sausalito Ferry Guide: The Best Way to Visit Sausalito

    While planning your visit to Sausalito, you've undoubtedly heard that there's a really cool way to get here: the Sausalito ferry! As a waterfront community along the San Francisco Bay, Sausalito is connected to San Francisco by boat. This makes for a really unique experience for visitors – and for lucky commuters who use the boats each day to reach their jobs in the "big city" on the other side of the Golden Gate...

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    Where to Stay in Juneau: 7 Great B&Bs and Hotels in the Alaskan Capital

    Despite not visiting often as a kid growing up in Alaska, I've developed a soft spot for Southeast Alaska and the cities there. Alaska's capital city of Juneau is one of those must-visit spots, though many visitors only have a few hours in town, usually on a cruise excursion as part of their Alaska cruise. If cruising isn't for you and you know you want to spend time in Juneau, you'll need a night or two to see the main sights and enjoy the experiences the city has to offer...

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    Major Marine Tours Review: Seward’s Best Day Cruise (& My Personal Fave!)

    Most people want to go to Alaska to take a cruise: they board a ship in Seattle or Vancouver, spend seven days wending their way north, and enjoy a few excursions along the way. Upon pulling into port in Alaska, usually in Seward or Whittier, they're then eager to explore Alaska by land: they see the sights in Anchorage, maybe explore the outdoors a bit (maybe by hiking), and try to catch a glimpse of Denali. Most visitors don't necessarily think to hop back on a boat and explore the waterways looking for wildlife; they skip the chance to explore these two northern ports entirely...