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    UnCruise Baja Review: A Week on the Gulf of California

    The taste of lime and salt mix on my tongue as the van hurdles back down the highway toward the marina of Puerto Escondido in Baja California Sur. Like so many memories of my UnCruise in Baja, it was unplanned but entirely entrancing. See, for most people, a van breaking down on vacation is a good way to ruin the day – with UnCruise, it's just another adventure, another chance to dive deep into the place you're visiting...

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    Where to Stay in Sausalito: A Guide to Hotels & Vacation Rentals

    Sausalito is lovely – we all know that. Those of us who call Sausalito home are lucky to do so, and if you're planning a visit, you've likely discovered that there are numerous nice things to do in Sausalito to pass your time here. You've probably also discovered that there's no way to fit everything into one day in Sausalito, and may be curious about staying overnight in Sausalito to give yourself extra time.

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    A Perfect Death Valley National Park Itinerary: 2 or 3 Days Below Sea Level

    Can we all agree that our National Parks are really, really great? I mean, if you love National Parks, you already know the story of how they were established, the mission they serve, and have probably visited a few (or many) for yourself. One of my favorite parts about National Parks is how each park is different than the rest – in fact, the National Park Service is very conscientious about having a diverse collection of natural wonders in the locations that earn the coveted title of "National Park"...

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    Alaska in April: A Complete Guide to Visiting in Spring

    Watching the seasons change in Alaska is an incredible experience. The snowclad mountains slowly change from their white vestiges to become clad in green. Wildlife begins to appear more frequently: moose move from the cities up into the mountains, bears emerge from their hibernation, and whales begin to reappear, seeking a season of feeding in Alaskan waters...

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    The 26 Best Things to Do in Sausalito in 2024 (& Nearby)

    Sausalito, California, is known for many things: great weather, epic views of the San Francisco Bay, imaginative floating homes where the likes of Shel Silverstein came up with creative ideas, and as the site where Otis Redding sat on a dock of the bay and wrote 'Sittin' on a Dock of the Bay.' Yep, Sausalito's famous. Little did I know any of this when my Mr. V and I moved here to "live the San Francisco dream" on our own houseboat back in 2019...