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    Major Marine Tours Review: Seward’s Best Day Cruise (& My Personal Fave!)

    Most people want to go to Alaska to take a cruise: they board a ship in Seattle or Vancouver, spend seven days wending their way north, and enjoy a few excursions along the way. Upon pulling into port in Alaska, usually in Seward or Whittier, they're then eager to explore Alaska by land: they see the sights in Anchorage, maybe explore the outdoors a bit (maybe by hiking), and try to catch a glimpse of Denali. Most visitors don't necessarily think to hop back on a boat and explore the waterways looking for wildlife; they skip the chance to explore these two northern ports entirely...

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    How to Make the Most of One Day in White Sands National Park

    There are some incredible natural wonders across the U.S., evoking the sensation that you've just stepped onto some alien planet; many of them are protected as national parks. Think of Joshua Tree and its weirdly alien trees. Or Badlands in South Dakota, with striated hills as far as the eye can see. White Sands National Park in New Mexico is another one of those strangely alien landscapes: once you enter the dunes, you're in another world, climbing up and sliding down the seemingly endless gypsum dunes...

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    How to Visit Cuyahoga Valley & Indiana Dunes National Parks in One Trip

    When I say "national parks," what comes to mind? You might be thinking of stunning rock formations, or sweeping views of mountains, forests, and rivers. Maybe you have a more specific view in your mind's eye – the alien flora of Joshua Tree or otherworldly underground formations of Carlsbad Caverns... Probably, whatever you see, you're thinking of one of the wildly impressive national parks in the American West... but there are national parks all across the country, and they're just as varied as those ones you imagine...

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    How to Make the Most of One Day in Badlands National Park

    It looks like an alien planet: hills striped with bands of red, brown, and yellow all reach precipitous peaks that stretch as far as the eye can see. This is Badlands National Park, located in South Dakota. It's a dramatic landscape carved by wind and water over millions of years; like so many national parks, we are lucky to experience it at this point in geologic history. If you've ever wanted to visit Badlands National Park, this article is your guide...

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    How to Make the Most of One Day in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

    Well, Guadalupe Mountains is a hiker's park, after all, the man said, speaking to another couple in the cool and quiet museum of the Guadalupe Mountains Pine Springs Visitor Center. If you don't want to hike, there's not as much to do here. Let me be clear: I don't think this man was speaking poorly of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, nor should this deter you from visiting. Guadalupe Mountains is great for one thing: hiking...

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    How to Make the Most of One Day in Carlsbad Caverns National Park

    America's national parks have something for everyone. Whether you love historic sites, back-country trekking, or delving deep underground... there's a park for that! It turns out that I personally am partial to the latter: I have loved caves and caving since I was a child (along with mining and mineshafts, which is a weird thing for kids to love!). Unsurprisingly then, some of my favorite national parks have caves – and it's also unsurprising that Carlsbad Caverns National Park jumped right onto my list of personal faves since IT'S ALL CAVES...