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    How to Make the Most of One Day in Ketchikan, Alaska’s “First City”

    Alaska's First City. Salmon Capital of the World. Rain Capital of Alaska. Ketchikan has many names – and all are true in their own way. (Ketchikan was not the first city in Alaska by date, but instead, the first city that prospectors reached when heading to the Klondike gold fields.) As you might guess from the variety of monikers the city has earned, Ketchikan is a special place even by Alaska standards...

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    Seward’s Best Day Cruise: Major Marine Tours Review (2022)

    Most people want to go to Alaska to take a cruise: they board a ship in Seattle or Vancouver, spend seven days wending their way north, and enjoy a few excursions along the way. Upon pulling into port in Alaska, usually in Seward or Whittier, they're then eager to explore Alaska by land: they see the sights in Anchorage, maybe explore the outdoors a bit (maybe by hiking), and try to catch a glimpse of Denali. Most visitors don't necessarily think to hop back on a boat and explore the waterways looking for wildlife; they skip the chance to explore these two northern ports entirely...

  • Death Valley National Park Itinerary Hero
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    A Perfect Death Valley National Park Itinerary: 2 or 3 Days Below Sea Level

    Can we all agree that our National Parks are really, really great? I mean, if you love National Parks, you already know the story of how they were established, the mission they serve, and have probably visited a few (or many) for yourself. One of my favorite parts about National Parks is how each park is different than the rest – in fact, the National Park Service is very conscientious about having a diverse collection of natural wonders in the locations that earn the coveted title of "National Park"...

  • 10 Days in Alaska Itinerary Hero

    How to Plan the Ultimate 10-Day Alaska Itinerary in 2022

    If there is one destination about which I receive more questions than any other, it’s Alaska. At the core, everyone wants to know: how do you plan a trip to Alaska? What’s the perfect Alaska itinerary? Since I started this blog, I’ve become a bit of an expert in Alaska trip planning and at times I publish so many stories that it seems like I’m running an Alaska travel blog!...

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    California Missions Road Trip:
    21 Historic Sites in 7 Days

    Imagine California before the sprawling cities, mixing cultures, and futuristic tech that has defined the past few decades. Imagine it before the interstates cut giant scars into the earth, before the Gold Rush brought tens of thousands of pioneers, and before the fields were laid. Imagine California when those who lived there called it Alta California and spoke Spanish – making sense of the many Spanish-named places you find there today. This is the California of the era when Missions were being built up and down the coast of what we now call The Golden State...