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    9 Spots for the Best Brunch in Sausalito (2024)

    A good brunch can be hard to find. While many restaurants offer brunch, that doesn't mean all brunches are created equal – even in Sausalito where it's hard to go wrong among our many delicious dining options. However, after living in Sausalito, I can say that brunch is the best meal to eat in town – there are lots of good options and most are within walking distance of the ferry, making them easier for visitors to reach on a day trip or longer stay...

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    The 15 Best Restaurants in Alaska in 2024: Where to Eat in the Last Frontier

    When it comes to travel, I am a huge proponent of the Anthony Bourdain philosophy: you can understand the world and its people through the food they eat. Every destination – every city, state, and country – has a unique approach to food that shapes its culture, and the relationship is reciprocal. Even within the U.S. we all know that there are different foods and different food approaches that help make the world a more diverse and interesting place to live and connect...

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    Where to Eat in Ketchikan: 12 Great Restaurants to Try

    As you research your Alaska trip, you've probably learned a few things about Ketchikan: it's on the Inside Passage (and thus a popular stop for cruise ships), it rains a lot (an average of 150 inches per year!) and it's called Alaska's "First City" (not because it was the first city established, but because it was the first city in the territory that most people arrived at when heading north to seek their fortunes). All this combines to create a unique little community: where else can you find totem poles, fishing poles, and poles being climbed by lumberjacks for show...

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    Where to Eat in Anchorage, Alaska: A Local’s Guide to 35+ Places

    For most people, the order of operations in planning an Alaska trip is: flights - hotels - transportation - meals. However, I personally love to mix it up and do research into the restaurants I might be enjoying in each place I want to visit before I start nailing down other details like hotels and transportation. Food is far from the only reason I travel – but it is a big one. If you're like me and love to plan your travels around your meals, you might wonder where to eat in Anchorage...

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    Where to Eat in Homer: 15 Great Restaurants at the End of the Road

    This might sound crazy to say, but despite growing up in Alaska, I haven't actually been everywhere. I mean, Alaska is BIG – and even if you spend a lifetime there, you won't see it all. So though I am officially a Sourdough after my 15 winters in The Last Frontier (and nearly as many return trips since moving to the Lower 48), there are still places on my 'someday' list...

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    Where to Eat in Wrangell, Alaska: 9 Big Flavors for a Small Town

    Don't confuse it with the national park: the small, Southeast Alaskan community of Wrangell is a very different place than the largest area of protected land in the U.S. (Wrangell-St. Elias National Park). And that's a good thing! Wrangell, originally called Ḵaachx̱ana.áakʼw by the Tlingit people and later renamed Врангель ("Vrangel'") by Russian settlers, is a unique spot that doesn't make the list for most Alaskan travelers – even those on cruises in the Inside Passage...

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    Where to Eat in Haines, Alaska: 13 Spots to Eat & Drink

    Nestled in a small bay off the Lynn Canal and visited by fewer cruise ships than its sister town Skagway, Haines, Alaska, is easy to miss on many Alaska itineraries – but that doesn't mean you should skip it, if you have the chance. Known for incredible wildlife viewing and a chance to escape the summer crowds, Haines has a lot to offer visitors, and is well worth a stop whether you find yourself there by ferry or on a detour from driving the Alaska-Canadian Highway to or from Alaska...