Need a weekend getaway from San Francisco or the Bay Area? I feel you. When I moved to the Bay Area in 2017, I knew I was going to become a weekend warrior, exploring far beyond the City (San Francisco) and the East Bay (Oakland and Berkeley). I’ve already visited some great spots like Yosemite, … Continue Reading

When you think of Scottsdale, what comes to mind? Golf and spa resorts where you can practice your swing or enjoy a massage, right? Me too. At least, that’s what I thought of Scottsdale before I spent 3 days in Scottsdale! Neighboring Phoenix, Scottsdale has long drawn a crowd with refined tastes to enjoy those … Continue Reading

As is so often the case, I arrive at night. Coming down the hill into Bar Harbor, her lights cast a soft orange glow. The wind is gusting over Frenchman Bay and the water I know is just out of sight is disproportionately quiet despite its size. This is Bar Harbor, Maine, and I’m here … Continue Reading

The countdown is on. 3… 2… 1… A deep rumble shakes the floor and walls as the rocket engine blazes to life. I’m watching an old video of an F-1 engine test at nearby NASA Marshall, standing in a simulator at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center near a full-scale Saturn V rocket – like the … Continue Reading

It might seem like a wild idea, but I think three days is enough time to explore anywhere – including the Big Island of Hawaii. Whether you’re stringing together an island-hopping trip or extending from a Hawaiian cruise (like I did), spending three days on Hawaii’s Big Island is very do-able – and adventurous! If … Continue Reading

There’s something otherworldly about red rock formations across the globe. From the towering mountains of Jordan’s Wadi Rum rising above the desert to the canyon of Zion’s fiery pinnacles, we’re drawn to spend time among the red rocks. I feel the call – and I don’t generally consider myself the kind of person to whom … Continue Reading

If you’re planning a trip to Chile, there are probably two cities you’ll visit: Santiago and Valparaíso. Chile’s famous industrial port city offers a different slice of life in Chile. Unlike the ultra urban and modern capital city of Santiago, Valparaíso is more gritty, grimy, and definitely more colorful. On my trip to Chile in … Continue Reading

Have you ever thought of planning a trip to Chile? Even among adventurous travelers, Chile is often overlooked for more popular countries like Peru, Brazil, or Argentina. If you’ve made it to this post, you’re smarter than that – you want to know how to visit Santiago, and I’m here to help. Santiago is the … Continue Reading

Before I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, I had visited a few times: for a friend’s birthday, for another friend’s wedding, for work. I could see what people liked about San Francisco, and why they’d want to visit. The fog, affectionately nicknamed Karl the Fog, is sort of magical as it rolls in … Continue Reading