November puts us one step closer to the end of 2018… it also kicks off a big traffic month for me! Read about my travel, blogging & business this month.

October starts the final quarter of the year – it’s also the 5-year anniversary of starting this blog. Read about my travel, blogging & business this month.

Back by popular demand, here’s a recap of my travels, Valerie & Valise blogging work, and business income in September 2018.

Once again, it’s time to set a yearly mantra for 2018. Learn which words I considered this year, and the word I finally end up choosing as my mantra.

Say what you will about my blog (and my frequency of writing lately…) but I can’t deny that my blog has become more successful in the past year since I took a break from writing. I came back renewed and rejuvenated after a three-month break from December 2015 to March 2016. I dove into deep, … Continue Reading

As we finally move out of 2016 it’s time to prepare for the year ahead. Like last year, I’ve chosen a word as my yearly mantra. Read on to learn what it is!

Inspired by my friend Malia from Shoyu Sugar, I’m picking a single word to focus on in the coming year. ‘Minimize’ is my mantra for 2016.