Ah, February. We have a love-hate relationship: it’s a short month, which means less time to earn traffic and income. It’s also the most miserable winter month for me and my mental health, which is made more difficult when I’m self-employed. Despite these hurdles, this month actually turned out pretty good from a blogging and … Continue Reading

We’re already one month through 2019! ? Here’s a look back at this blog last month, including traffic numbers, a January 2019 income report, and more.

To round out 2018, here’s a recap from the final month of the year. Inside, you’ll learn about all the traveling I did in December, plus my traffic and income.

Want to set a yearly mantra? Learn about my 2019 mantra and why I chose “reach” to inspire the coming year — plus how to set your own mantra for 2019.

November puts us one step closer to the end of 2018… it also kicks off a big traffic month for me! Read about my travel, blogging & business this month.

October starts the final quarter of the year – it’s also the 5-year anniversary of starting this blog. Read about my travel, blogging & business this month.

Back by popular demand, here’s a recap of my travels, Valerie & Valise blogging work, and business income in September 2018.

Once again, it’s time to set a yearly mantra for 2018. Learn which words I considered this year, and the word I finally end up choosing as my mantra.

Say what you will about my blog (and my frequency of writing lately…) but I can’t deny that my blog has become more successful in the past year since I took a break from writing. I came back renewed and rejuvenated after a three-month break from December 2015 to March 2016. I dove into deep, … Continue Reading