After resetting my goals at the end of June to make them even more ambitious, I’m excited to report that July was a really great month for this humble V&V blog. This time one year ago, I was feeling excited about the growth I had in the first half of 2018 – I’m even more thrilled … Continue Reading

Goodbye, June! 👋🏻 With the end of last month, half of 2019 has come and gone. How do you feel about the year so far? To be honest, I’m feeling pretty good! It’s been a crazy busy month with travel, blogging, writing, and getting ready for the announcement of Dark Skies. But, having had many … Continue Reading

Is it possible to create a life and business as a travel blogger? For the first time, this month I can say yes. After spending more than half of the month traveling and still making enough to pay all of my bills and student loans I finally feel like I’ve earned my stripes as a … Continue Reading

April is my birthday month, which means its automatically a great time of year. This particular April has been especially wonderful: a good month for my blog, a nice month for income, and the perfect time to announce two important things in my life: Mr. Valise and my forthcoming book. Together, all of these things … Continue Reading

That’s. My. Name. On. The. Cover. I still can’t get over it. There’s a book, a real book that will sit on people’s bookshelves, that they will read and learn from, that has my name on the cover. Last week, I went and picked up a very important delivery: a box of advance copies of my … Continue Reading

It might surprise you that less than a year ago, I considered quitting this blog. I was pretty unhappy with a lot of things in my work life, and was trying to prioritize where to spend my energy. Mr. V gave me the sound advice to ‘give it one more year’ – to make it … Continue Reading

Ah, February. We have a love-hate relationship: it’s a short month, which means less time to earn traffic and income. It’s also the most miserable winter month for me and my mental health, which is made more difficult when I’m self-employed. Despite these hurdles, this month actually turned out pretty good from a blogging and … Continue Reading

We’re already one month through 2019! ? Here’s a look back at this blog last month, including traffic numbers, a January 2019 income report, and more.

To round out 2018, here’s a recap from the final month of the year. Inside, you’ll learn about all the traveling I did in December, plus my traffic and income.