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Extreme Light Packing For Ladies

Valerie & Valise

My perception is that most minimalist packing lists are for men. Further research has shown this to be untrue, but I still want to add my own to help others who want to pack light.

All About the Architecture in Fort Lauderdale

Valerie & Valise

On a tour of Central Beach Fort Lauderdale, I was immersed and enchanted by the history and architecture of the hotels.

A Mantra for 2016

Valerie & Valise

Inspired by my friend Malia from Shoyu Sugar, I'm picking a single word to focus on in the coming year. 'Minimize' is my mantra for 2016.

How to Be an Airport Security Rockstar

Valerie & Valise

Here are four simple rules to make your experience better when going through U.S. Airport Security -- and everyone else's too.

Musings from My Time Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

Valerie & Valise

I may not have found a narrative aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, but other thoughts, experiences, and answers presented themselves. Read on for a look at the unstructured notes I took.

How to Pick the Perfect Travel Scarf

Valerie & Valise

I never leave home without one, so I know what to look for in the perfect travel scarf. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to figure out which is best for you.

Petra, Jordan

5 Reasons to Put Jordan on Your Bucket List

Valerie & Valise

As long as I can remember, Jordan has been on my bucket list for one reason: the Dead Sea. Here are four other reasons to visit (as though you need them!).

Sutro Baths Featured

All About the History of Sutro Baths

Valerie & Valise

Dive into the history of Sutro Baths, and discover why I loved the fact that I could really explore this unexpected wonder near San Francisco.


What to Pack for Indianapolis (and Summer in the Midwest)

Valerie & Valise

I'm headed to Indianapolis this weekend -- the Crossroads of America, and the heart of the intense Midwest summer weather. Here's what to pack if you're planning the same.

Canadian Rockies

What to Pack for Western Canada (+ Printable Packing List!)

Valerie & Valise

It's been a while since I shared a packing list -- here's a revamped version & printable version that will hopefully help you too, if you're ever visiting Western Canada!

On my 28th Birthday: A 30 Before 30 Checkup

Valerie & Valise

Six months down, twenty-four to go. Here is my annual checkup on my 30 Before 30 goals... just in time for my birthday!

30 Before 30

Valerie & Valise

With only 30 months before I turn 30 years old, I've written a list of goals to help make my birthday a celebration of the past while looking eagerly toward the future.

Mornings at Moon Palace

Valerie & Valise

Like many other travelers who look deeper than the nearest gift shop--or fellow Moon Palace guests who look no further than the nearest bar--, I am a firm believer that the mornings reveal the most about a destination.

How to Pick the Perfect Pacific Coast Highway Rental Car

Valerie & Valise

When planning your ultimate PCH road trip, don't skip choosing a perfect car. Here's how to pick the ultimate Pacific Coast Highway Rental.

Where to Begin: My Travel Bucket List

Valerie & Valise

Welcome to the first post on Valerie & Valise! Learn about my travel bucket list, a set of goals I want to accomplish in my life and document on this blog.

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