Travel, Blogging & Business Recap: November 2019

November puts us one step closer to the end of 2019… Read about my travel, blogging & business this month.

10 Away Luggage Alternatives: How to Spend Less But Still Look Good on Instagram

Looking for an alternative to Away luggage? These Away Travel alternatives have many of the same features, Instagram-worthy design, and cost less!

2020 Travel Inspiration: 20 Amazing Places I Visited in the 2010s

Thank you Expedia for sponsoring this post. Visit to book your first trip of 2020! Back in 2011, I started tracking all of my travels on a calendar. After each trip, I would mark the dates on my digital calendar, and set the event to repeat yearly. Each year, I could see where I … Continue Reading

How to Pick the Perfect Color Tieks – For Your First Pair or 50th!

Whether you’ve been considering Tieks for a while or have just heard about the beautiful flats with the bright blue sole, you’re probably stuck on one important question: what color Tieks do I buy? I’ll be honest: I knew I wanted matte black Tieks for my first pair from the beginning… but now that I’ve … Continue Reading

My Tieks Review: All Your Top Tieks Questions Answered! (Updated for 2020)

Everyone has questions about Tieks… At $175 per pair, that’s not surprising. Here are answers to your top Tieks questions, and a review of my own Tieks. Updated for 2019.

10 Travel Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

For many years, I’ve had a hypothesis: for people who travel even once per year, we pretty much pack 90% of the same things over and over. We all have travel essentials – and as I travel about 20x more than the average traveler, you can bet I have some tried and true travel essentials … Continue Reading

How to Do the London Wall Walk: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Visiting London and fascinated by history? Plan a self-guided tour on the London Wall Walk! This post is accurate as of 2020.

Alaska Bucket List: 45+ Ultimate Things to Do in Alaska

Planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska? Here are all of the things to put on your Alaska bucket list – with some local inclusions!

Travel, Blogging & Business Recap: October 2019

October starts the final quarter of the year – it’s also the 5-year anniversary of starting this blog. Read about my travel, blogging & business this month.