3 Days in Bar Harbor: Gateway to Acadia National Park

As is so often the case, I arrive at night. Coming down the hill into Bar Harbor, her lights cast a soft orange glow. The wind is gusting over Frenchman Bay and the water I know is just out of sight is disproportionately quiet despite its size. This is Bar Harbor, Maine, and I’m here … Continue Reading

How to Make the Most of 1 Day in Acadia National Park

Wind whips off the Atlantic Ocean and the sea mist sprays my face as the wave rolls into the rocky coastline. Jagged formations stretch like stony fingers reaching out into the water. It’s clear that this is a unique place where land and sea meet. This is Acadia National Park, Maine’s only national park. Sometimes … Continue Reading

3 Days in Huntsville: A Weekend Itinerary in Rocket City, USA 🚀

The countdown is on. 3… 2… 1… A deep rumble shakes the floor and walls as the rocket engine blazes to life. I’m watching an old video of an F-1 engine test at nearby NASA Marshall, standing in a simulator at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center near a full-scale Saturn V rocket – like the … Continue Reading

10 Essentials You Need to Pack for Hawaii

Paradise is calling – will you answer? If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii and are curious what to pack, you’re in the right place. While there are some small but important considerations depending on your Hawaii travel plans, it’s not hard to pack for Hawaii – I promise! Here’s a Hawaii packing list that … Continue Reading

Travel, Blogging & Business Recap: May 2019

Is it possible to create a life and business as a travel blogger? For the first time, this month I can say yes. After spending more than half of the month traveling and still making enough to pay all of my bills and student loans I finally feel like I’ve earned my stripes as a … Continue Reading

One Year On: How Bourdain’s Death Changed My Life

Photographed by Robert Ascroft for Adweek When I was young, I wanted to be an actress. This is a common dream for lots of young people, I think. Fame, riches, and hordes of fans – what’s not appealing about that? At some point, my mom asked me: “why do you want to be an actress? … Continue Reading

3 Days on Hawaii’s Big Island: Volcanoes, Lava & Stars, Oh My!

It might seem like a wild idea, but I think three days is enough time to explore anywhere – including the Big Island of Hawaii. Whether you’re stringing together an island-hopping trip or extending from a Hawaiian cruise (like I did), spending three days on Hawaii’s Big Island is very do-able – and adventurous! If … Continue Reading

How to Spend a Week in Paradise: UnCruise Hawaii Review

When most people go to Hawaii, they pick an island, choose a beachfront hotel, and call it done. You’re not most people, are you?  If you’re considering an UnCruise in Hawaii, you already know you want more from your Hawaiian vacation than a tan and a Mai Tai hangover. UnCruise itineraries in Hawaii let you … Continue Reading

3 Days in St. George: A Weekend Among Utah’s Red Rocks

There’s something otherworldly about red rock formations across the globe. From the towering mountains of Jordan’s Wadi Rum rising above the desert to the canyon of Zion’s fiery pinnacles, we’re drawn to spend time among the red rocks. I feel the call – and I don’t generally consider myself the kind of person to whom … Continue Reading