What to Pack and Wear in Jordan

When I learned I was traveling to Jordan – a solid seven months before the trip would happen –, my excitement was through the roof! Little did I know that in those seven months, I would pack up my apartment, start living nomadically, and end up really sick while in Jordan itself. I also packed ALL the wrong clothes!

How to Visit Long Beach, Washington from Seattle

I’ve looked around, and I’ve found it: the cutest small town in Washington is definitely Long Beach! Here’s a guide to planning your own trip to visit.

Aboard the Amtrak Crescent: New Orleans to New York

Considering a ride aboard the Amtrak Crescent from New Orleans to New York, or vice versa? Read about my experience, and tips for enjoying your trip.

How to Visit Gig Harbor, Washington’s Perfect Harbor Town

Summer is here and it’s time to get outside and out of Seattle! Here’s a guide for visiting the most perfect small Washington town: Gig Harbor.

8 Unexpected Surprises I Had in Jordan

It is a lie to say I went into my trip to Jordan with no expectations. Everywhere we travel, our experiences are colored by what we know. Here are some surprises I had in Jordan.

17 Things You Must Eat and Drink in New Orleans

People have lots of reasons for visiting New Orleans. For me, a big one is food. Here’s a list of my top recommendations to eat and drink in New Orleans.

On My 29th Birthday: A 30 Before 30 Checkup

With only 12 months left to complete my 30 Before 30 Goals, its hard to imagine how much I will accomplish, and how I will feel, this time next year. Happy birthday, or wish me luck!

Three Great Spots at Every Stop Along Seattle’s Train Lines

Spend time in Seattle, and you know it’s true: the city is growing, and fast. Simultaneously, Seattle is getting its act together about public transit, and finally extending the Link Light Rail train, plus adding new above-ground transportation options.

Extreme Light Packing For Ladies

My perception is that most minimalist packing lists are for men. Further research has shown this to be untrue, but I still want to add my own to help others who want to pack light.