2020 Travel Inspiration: 20 Amazing Places I Visited in the 2010s

Thank you Expedia for sponsoring this post. Visit Expedia.com to book your first trip of 2020! Back in 2011, I started tracking all of my travels on a calendar. After each trip, I would mark the dates on my digital calendar, and set the event to repeat yearly. Each year, I could see where I … Continue Reading

How to Pick the Perfect Color Tieks – For Your First Pair or 50th!

Whether you’ve been considering Tieks for a while or have just heard about the beautiful flats with the bright blue sole, you’re probably stuck on one important question: what color Tieks do I buy? I’ll be honest: I knew I wanted matte black Tieks for my first pair from the beginning… but now that I’ve … Continue Reading

My Tieks Review: All Your Top Tieks Questions Answered! (Updated for 2020)

Everyone has questions about Tieks… At $175 per pair, that’s not surprising. Here are answers to your top Tieks questions, and a review of my own Tieks. Updated for 2019.

The V&V Gift Guide: 10 Travel Essentials I Never Leave Home [2019 Edition]

For many years, I’ve had a hypothesis: for people who travel even once per year, we pretty much pack 90% of the same things over and over. We all have travel essentials – and as I travel about 20x more than the average traveler, you can bet I have some tried and true travel essentials … Continue Reading

How to Do the London Wall Walk: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Visiting London and fascinated by history? Plan a self-guided tour on the London Wall Walk! This post is accurate as of 2020.

Alaska Bucket List: 45+ Ultimate Things to Do in Alaska

Planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska? Here are all of the things to put on your Alaska bucket list – with some local inclusions!

Travel, Blogging & Business Recap: October 2019

October starts the final quarter of the year – it’s also the 5-year anniversary of starting this blog. Read about my travel, blogging & business this month.

3 Days in San Jose: A South Bay Weekend Getaway

When you think of visiting the Bay Area, where comes to mind? San Francisco, definitely. Probably Oakland and/or Berkeley. Maybe somewhere in the North Bay like Napa or Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. Does San Jose come to mind? This is the final piece of the puzzle – the South Bay’s great weekend destination! Whether … Continue Reading

Harry Potter Bucket List: 12 Magical Things to Do in London

Still waiting on your Hogwarts letter of acceptance? Me too! I’m about… 20 or so years overdue, so I’ve decided to enter the Wizarding World in other ways whenever I can. To that end, I love seeking out Harry Potter things to do in London each time I visit my favorite city, and I’ve put … Continue Reading