Are you dreaming of your first glimpse of Denali,

lost in too many tabs while planning your Alaska trip,

and feeling nervous about getting everything booked ASAP…

You’re probably sitting there, a bundle of excitement and questions, like:

These are totally common concerns. Planning your first trip to Alaska is a big deal, and can quickly become overwhelming. But it’s not your fault…

The internet is a fabulous place, but there’s so much information that it’s hard to know if the advice you’re reading is A) accurate and B) helpful.

Never mind there are loads of websites written by people who’ve never even been to Alaska – or maybe, just once…
…on a cruise
….where they never left the boat.


For 2023, I’m delighted to offer custom Alaska itineraries again.

(Folks in 2022 had to sort it out themselves!)

This is how you get direct access and a personalized itinerary from an Alaska expert.


Here’s How It Will Work

Here’s how we’ll work together to create your custom Alaska itinerary:

Step 1: We’ll have a 30-minute intro call where I learn about your plans, preferences, and budget.

Step 2: I’ll work to produce a first-draft itinerary, send it to you, and get your feedback by email.

Step 3: Then, I’ll go back, make any necessary changes, and create a custom video walking you through the itinerary so you can use it to book everything on the itinerary. 

What You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll get at the end of our work together:

📺 A custom video I’ll record for you, walking you through the itinerary and how to finish booking your trip.

📑 An editable online web document (Google Doc or similar) that you can use to book and pay for each part of your Alaska trip

🎁 Plus a few bonuses, just for fun! Read on to learn what they are…

Custom Itinerary Hero

Bonuses, Yeah Baby!

The BEAR Video Course

A five-day video course to help you nail down the basics of your Alaska trip

Value: $29

Alaska eBook Bundle Hero

My Alaska Trip Planning eBook Trio

To give you inspiration for helping me plan your itinerary

Value: $20

Alaska Budget Bundle

The Alaska Budget Bundle

To help you determine your Alaska travel budget before our Intro call

Value: $9

That’s almost $60 worth of bonuses – on top of a $50 discount on normal prices!

What Past Alaska Travelers Say

Copy these wise past travelers and…

Questions Savvy Future Alaska Travelers Ask

Q) How long will it take to get my custom Alaska itinerary?

A) Given that we need to have an intro call and one round of feedback, it should take 2-3 weeks to receive your final Alaska itinerary and walk-through video.

Q) Will my itinerary be accurate for 2023 travel?

A) Yes, absolutely. I took two trips to Alaska in 2022 and have been working to keep up to date on any important changes you need to know before planning your 2023 trip, to give you the best suggestions possible in your itinerary.

Q) Can I use this product for a winter trip to Alaska?

A) Yes, you can! Unlike my Alaska Itinerary Planning Packs, I can design your custom Alaska itinerary for any season you want to visit.

This Weekend Only – and There are Only 50 Spots

If you’re ready to get your Alaska trip plans sorted ASAP before the Denali Bus Tour, car rentals, and planning packs are sold out, now’s the time 👇👇👇

Have any other questions? Email me.