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9 Spots for the Best Brunch in Sausalito (2024)

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A good brunch can be hard to find. While many restaurants offer brunch, that doesn’t mean all brunches are created equal – even in Sausalito where it’s hard to go wrong among our many delicious dining options. However, after living in Sausalito, I can say that brunch is the best meal to eat in town – there are lots of good options and most are within walking distance of the ferry, making them easier for visitors to reach on a day trip or longer stay.

In Sausalito, there are nine spots that offer brunch in some form or another – though they vary a lot in terms of food on the menu, diversity of offerings, and overall experience. In this post, I’m sorting those nine restaurants into a ranked list for the best brunch in Sausalito. After reading, you’ll know where to go, which spots have a line on the weekend, and whether getting on the wait list is worth it. (Spoilers: YES!)

Sausalito is the traditional lands of the Graton Rancheria, Miwok, and Me-Wuk (Coast Miwok) peoples. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation to the past and present stewards of these lands. To learn more, I invite you to explore

This post was originally published on my blog Discover Sausalito; it was migrated to this site in January 2024.

The Best Brunch Spots in Sausalito

Best Brunch in Sausalito Hero

Brand new in this post, I’m providing you with a ranked list of the best brunch spots in Sausalito. I’ve designed my own formula that takes into account three factors:

  • public ratings (including my own, as I leave reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook too)
  • the restaurant’s popularity (total reviews)
  • proximity to the Sausalito Ferry

In the end, each restaurant receives a score out of five, and gives you a sense of which restaurants are universally beloved and easy to reach if you’re visiting Sausalito. I break any ties using the total number of reviews. Here is my ranked list of which restaurant offers the best brunch in Sausalito:

(from 2023)
1Lighthouse Café4.87
2Poggio Trattoria4.83
3The Spinnaker4.73↑3
4FRED’S Place4.72↑2
5Anchorage 54.65↑3
6Le Garage4.59↓3
7Bridgeway Bagel4.50↓3
8Bayside Café4.48↓1
Click here to learn more about the ranking formula I use to generate these scores.

Ready to learn about each of these restaurants and choose your own brunch spot in Sausalito?

1. Lighthouse Café

Brunch in Sausalito - Lighthouse Cafe
Photo credit: Egan Snow via Flickr

It’s no surprise to any Sausalito local reading this list that Lighthouse Café is among the top 3 spots for the best brunch in Sausalito. Based on reviews in the past year (and my own great experiences there), Lighthouse Café ranks #1 on my list!

Lighthouse Café is beloved by locals and visitors alike, with a small diner-style seating area indoors (and outdoor seating when weather permits, a relic of the pandemic). The menu features American and European classics, thanks to the restaurant proprietor’s Danish roots.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong here, but arrive early or be prepared to join the waitlist as this place gets busy on weekends.

2. Poggio Trattoria

Located along Bridgeway in Old Town on the ground level of the Casa Madrona Hotel, Poggio Trattoria always has a good number of people enjoying food al fresco at their sidewalk tables – day or night. Patrons are a mix of hotel guests and those who wander off the street looking for brunch in Sausalito.

The breakfast (brunch) menu is pretty basic, with an egg scramble, waffles, and a delicious-sounding croissant Panini as the highlight; they make up for it with a long breakfast offering – 6:30am to 11:30am daily.

3. The Spinnaker

The Spinnaker – popular for its views and high-end dining experience – also has a brunch offering. As one of the most popular spots to eat in Sausalito, everyone has an opinion about The Spinnaker, whether they visit for a classy brunch or a special occasion.

When it comes to brunch, The Spinnaker offers an extensive menu but most of it focuses on the ‘lunch’ part of the meal (think sandwiches, fish, and pasta). They do have a special dedicated brunch menu that includes benedicts, French toast, and omelets; it’s only offered from 11:30am to 3:00pm on Sundays.

4. FRED’S Place

Best Brunch in Sausalito - FRED's Place

Fred’s Place is definitely one of the places for the best brunch in Sausalito. This small Black-owned Sausalito institution always draws a crowd for weekend brunch options, despite being further from the ferry terminal than others on this list.

Known for its no-nonsense diner options, Fred’s is especially popular in what I can only assume is the hangover crowd since meals are huge and hearty. The Millionaire bacon (sweet and spicy applewood smoked bacon that’s three times thicker than the slice you’re thinking of) is a must-order.

5. Anchorage 5

Anchorage 5 is located way off the normal tourist routes in Sausalito; in fact, you probably won’t ever find it unless you are specifically looking for it or spend a lot of time wandering around town. Located in the area where the Marinship blends into Waldo Point, Anchorage 5 is located on Gate 5 Road.

They offer American-style diner food including both breakfast and lunch classics (think eggs benedicts, burgers and fries, and a huge omelet menu).

6. Le Garage

For an entirely different style, atmosphere, and ambiance than everything on this list so far, consider Le Garage for brunch in Sausalito.

Located literally on the boardwalk at Schoonmaker Point, Le Garage offers French food on their menu, including for brunch. Speaking of, brunch is only served on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30am to 2pm, but the menu is divine including eggs benedict, quiche Lorraine, and tarte flambée with smoked salmon.

7. Bridgeway Bagel

Bridgeway Bagel is a lesser-known place for brunch in Sausalito; as such, it had the lowest total number of ratings of any brunch spot on this list – but scores highly despite that! Located across Bridgeway in a strip mall, this small spot draws a consistent flow of locals and is a great option for workday morning quick breakfast – but they also offer heartier options for a sit-down breakfast or brunch.

If bagel breakfast sandwiches are your jam (as they are mine), this is the spot!

8. Bayside Café

Another Waldo Point option, Bayside Café is another Sausalito brunch spot that’s less likely to be crowded on the weekends – though you’ll definitely find plenty of locals here, as well as some cyclists passing through town after a good morning ride. This is because it’s just far enough that you can’t really walk here from the Sausalito Ferry (I mean, you can, but most people won’t…) so fewer visitors stop here.

Located in the main building near the Waldo Point floating homes at the north end of town, Bayside Café has a wide array of breakfast and lunch options – enough to keep regulars coming back and give you plenty of options when you stop for a delicious local brunch.

Coffee Shops with Great Easy Brunch Options

Best Brunch in Sausalito - Equator Coffee

If you don’t need a heavy and/or sit-down brunch while visiting Sausalito, there are options! Two of Sausalito’s best coffee shops also offer pastries and other breakfast/brunch-y items. As these places don’t focus on food or brunch specifically, I didn’t include them on my ranked table above.

9. Firehouse Coffee & Tea

Firehouse Coffee is located in New Town; they offer breakfast burritos and sandwiches, as well as a cute quiche option and pastries (croissants! muffins!) if you want a bite to go along with your morning brew. Firehouse Coffee actually scores #1 on my list of all brunch places when you include coffee shops!

10. Sausalito Equator

Equator is a coffee-centric option also in New Town, but they also have brunch-type foods. I bought a hand-made “pop-tart” from them (pictured above) on one visit, but they also offer a pretty wide brunch menu. It includes several avocado and fruit toasts, burritos, and delicious gluten-free waffles.

Have questions about where to find the best brunch in Sausalito or any of these restaurants? Let me know in the comments!

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