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10 Away Luggage Alternatives: Spend Less & Still Look Good on Insta

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When it’s time to buy new luggage, get ready to be totally overwhelmed. There are so many choices for luggage out there – colors, sizes, styles, features… it’s almost like buying a new car! And it’s almost as important as buying a new car, since if your luggage doesn’t hold up well or protect your belongings, you’re likely going to be really frustrated. Enter: Away Travel.

This company made waves with their gorgeous carry-on luggage endorsed by all the coolest folks on Instagram. Everyone wanted one – heck, I really wanted one! But I also didn’t want to spend $200+ for a suitcase, and recent news hasn’t made the company look good either. That’s why I started shopping for Away Travel alternatives almost immediately after deciding to invest in new luggage.

I’ve pulled together a list of the best alternatives to Away luggage I’ve found, keeping in mind a few factors:

  • Price that doesn’t break the bank
  • Ability to charge your phone
  • Stylish design aka Instagraminess

I’ve scoured the huge number of carry-on suitcases out there to find the best alternatives to Away Travel out there and put them together for you. In fact, I started this list a few months ago, when Mr. V and I decided to splurge in a new rolling suitcase. You’ll find the one we chose on this list, too. But let’s take a quick peek at the list and some of the factors that matter when choosing an alternative luggage to Away.

Featured image courtesy of Calpak, @Calpak

Away Travel Alternatives Compared

Calpak Ambeur26″N$$$πŸ‘ΈπŸ»Here
COOLIFE (Medium)24″N$πŸ€“Here
DELSEY Paris Chatelet21!N$$$$🏰Here
Genius Pack Aerial22″Y$$$πŸ€–Here
Herschel Trade23″N$$πŸ“ΈHere
REYLEO Hardside23″Y$πŸ–€Here
Samsonite Freeform21″N$$πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’ΌHere
SWISSGEAR Energie23!N$$$πŸ”‘Here
Travelers Club Wrangler20!Y$πŸ’°Here
Zero Halliburton28!N$$$$πŸš€Here
  • $ = < $100
  • $$ = $100-150
  • $$$ = $150-200
  • $$$$ = $200-250
  • $$$$$ = $250+ aka more than Away


If you’re looking for a solid, affordable alternative to Away luggage, COOLIFE is a good option.

It comes in three sizes: 20″, 24″ (pictured), and 28″ as well as four colors: Caribbean Blue (pictured), Charcoal, Radiant Pink, and Teal. All for a less than $100 price tag! ?

Just in case you’re a bit worried that the low price tag means lower quality, COOLIFE also has a two-year warranty for their luggage.

REYLEO Hardside

If the whole phone charging battery thing is why you’ve been considering an Away suitcase, the REYLEO Hardside offers that feature – at a way lower price and similar design.

For less than $100, the 20″ REYLEO comes in three colors: Black (colored), Red, and an outrageous neon Blue that will definitely pop if you share it on Insta.

Travelers Club Wrangler

Guys. This suit case has a cupholder. And there’s a hidden USB charger port behind the cupholder. What a future we live in!

For a really affordable price tag, the Travelers Club Wrangler suitcase comes in just one color (Navy) and just one size (20″) thus reducing your decision fatigue about which color you want.

Herschel Trade

This one’s for all you Millennial Pink fans out there! While Herschel calls the front color ‘Ash Rose’ on this two-tone suitcase, it’s still pretty much peak late 2010s.

This 22.8″ carry-on comes in a ton of colors and styles – I think Royal Hoffman is fab – so you can find one for your travel style, whatever that may be.

Samsonite Freeform

Samsonite is one of the world’s most well-known luggage brands, so it’s no surprise that they entered the horizontal-striped hardside game when Away came in to snipe their market.

To be fair, their Freeform suitcase costs basically the same, but if you’re looking for an alternative to Away, it’s one to consider.

Calpak Ambeur

Of all the Away alternatives on this list, Mr. V and I settled on the Ambeur medium from Calpak when it came time to pick our own luggage.

We loved the brushed metallic colors (and struggled to choose between Black and Silver) and the more reasonable price – they also have a Rose Gold, Gold, and White if you prefer a lighter color.

Calpak also offers a battery pack/luggage tag if you want an easy option for charging your phone on the go.

Genius Pack Aerial

The Genius Pack Aerial is widely cited by travel publications as one of the best alternatives to Away Travel luggage.

At a good price point, the 21.5″ carry-on comes in a range of neutral colors. The Supercharged version comes with a removable battery pack, if you’re digging this style.


Need more sparkle in your life? Well-reputed luggage company SWISSGEAR has the answer with their Energie carry-on which comes in a bold Gold (pictured) as well as a few other colors.

Additionally, this suitcase comes with a USB port so you can charge your phone too.

DELSEY Paris Chatelet

I simply adore the word Chatelet β€“ it’s one of the few words I remember loving the sound of on my first trip to Paris in 2011. That’s part of what’s so charming about the DELSEY Paris Chatelet style: it’s very French in a vaguely Versailles opulent kind of way.

This suitcase is at the higher end of the price range for Away luggage alternatives, but comes in three colors and other sizes.

Zero Halliburton Zro

To be fair, the Zro from Zero Halliburton isn’t noticeably cheaper or have better features than other Away alternatives on this list. So why did it make the cut? Because it’s the suitcase company that Apollo 11 astronauts used to bring moon rocks back to earth!

If that’s not a good enough reason to go for this futuristic space age suitcase, I just don’t know what is!

Away Travel Alternatives - Zero Halliburton Luggage

I hope this helps you choose a good Away luggage alternative; once you’ve chosen don’t forget to check out my packing lists to ensure you pack the right essentials! If I could splurge I would definitely have the astronaut suitcase… Which one do you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Julie

    I purchased the Genius Pack Aerial around a year ago and LOVE it. I’ve been packing light for years (when as a spouse of an airline employee, and always traveling on stand by). I like that the size is approved as carry on for both domestic and international flight travel. I find it easy to pack, lightweight, and the rolling system is great! I highly recommend it!!

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