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Alaska TourSaver Review (2024): A Coupon Book Well Worth the Cost

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You’ve done all the steps: you’ve mapped out where you want to visit in Alaska, the dates you plan to visit, and penciled in some of the activities on your bucket list… and then you start adding up the cost. Yowza! Sticker shock is real when it comes to Alaska travel – even if you follow my tips for saving on your Alaska trip.

One thing I didn’t mention in that post when I first published it is the number of discount and coupon books available to help you save; I’ve since rectified that – having tried one of them for myself.

While there are a number of Alaska coupon savings books available, this post focuses on the one I think is probably the most powerful and helpful for travelers: the Alaska TourSaver. Read on for the basics of the TourSaver, how much I saved on my 2023 trip, and some of the top discounts available in 2024.

Note: In early 2024, I received a complimentary copy of this year’s TourSaver to shoot photos and use on my own upcoming trip; I will update this guide once I’ve had a chance to use it.

What is the Alaska TourSaver?

Alaska Toursaver Review 2024 Cover

If you’ve made it to my Alaska TourSaver review, you’re probably already familiar with the basics of it: it’s an Alaska-specific coupon book that includes a number of exclusive discounts across the state.

The Alaska TourSaver is updated every year, so the discounts in one year’s book no longer apply – but each year typically features 100+ coupons; in 2024, there are over $15,000 in total savings available. Most people don’t typically save that much, but it’s easy to save several hundred dollars by just using the discounts available for activities you’re already planning to do.

My TourSaver Experience in 2023

Though I’ve visited Alaska many, many times and typically just pay for whatever experiences and tours I want to do, I decided to buy the TourSaver for my August 2023 trip. As it costs this year, the cost was $99.95.

I purchased it well in advance, and used it to buy Mr. V’s airfare on Alaska Airlines – that saved me $172 right off the bat. (For my brother’s and my airfare, I actually found it was cheaper to use the companion fare from my Alaska Airlines credit card, so it’s important to do all the math if you’re trying to save!)

Once in Alaska, I used the discount for Avis Alaska (a locally operated subsidiary of the national brand) to save $75 on our rental car. In terms of tours, I used the discount on the Alaska Trolley Tour to save on the fare for one of us (saving $25), and got one ticket free for Portage Glacier Cruises (saving $45).

So in total I paid roughly $100 and ended up reducing my cost by almost $317 – that’s $217 in total savings. Given that this was a short, Anchorage-based trip –and I usually move around a lot more and stay for longer – I would have gotten a lot more value on a longer trip exploring more of the state as I usually do!

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Basics of the TourSaver in 2024

Every year, the discounts in the Alaska TourSaver change slightly, so I thought I’d highlight some of the best deals on the list for the coming year on attractions I recommend already. You can see the entire list of deals here.

  • Again this year, you can save 20% on your Alaska Airlines fare, for up to 4 tickets/$1000 total savings. This is the heavy-hitter to get the most savings from the TourSaver coupon book!
  • There’s a number of discounts for the Alaska Railroad including both Anchorage to Denali (up to $386 savings) and Anchorage to Seward (up to $211 savings); those are another big savings opportunity.
  • You can also save $40 on the 7.5-hour Major Marine Cruises tour for up to 4 tickets/$160 total; while I prefer the 8.5-hour cruise, this is a nice option if you’re trying to visit Alaska on a budget.
  • The Avis Alaska discount is available again this year, offering one free day if you book at least one full-price day; that’s up to $75 in savings.

There are also discounts at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward (up to $39.95 savings), Mahay’s Jet Boat Adventure in Talkeetna (up to $44.50 savings), Portage Glacier Cruises (up to $45 savings), the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage (up to $17 savings), and the Alaska Native Heritage Center (up to $29 savings). If you just compare any of my Alaska itineraries with the discounts in the Alaska TourSaver, you can see how the savings really add up!

(That’s nothing to say about all the discounts elsewhere in the state, including other parts of Southcentral, Interior, and Southeast Alaska!)

Alaska TourSaver Review: Final Thoughts

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Just based on the math of my short Anchorage-based trip alone, the TourSaver was absolutely worth it and I plan on researching it every year again when I’m planning a trip to see if it might make sense to help me save based on where I’m visiting and what I want to do.

The way to get the most out of the Alaska TourSaver is by doing the math in advance; visit the website, look at all the discounts available when you’re planning to visit, and what you want to do while visiting. Even if you just use TourSaver to reduce the cost of your airfare with Alaska Airlines, it can be well worth it – especially comparing the cost of the coupon book with the cost of your Alaska trip as a whole!

Have any other questions about the Alaska TourSaver, or wondering if it might be worth it for the Alaska trip you’re planning? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Lauren

    Were the Alaska TourSaver coupons easy to use? Were they mostly physical slips of paper that you had to hand over or were they codes to enter into vendor websites? Do they mostly work in advance or did you get reimbursed later after using a coupon? For example, the Anchorage to Seward train, did you have to pay for 2 tickets up front and then figure out how to get half your money back later, or did they let you enter a code on their website and you only had to pay for 1 ticket?
    Thanks and happy trails!

    • Valerie

      Lauren, hi – I used a lot of the paper coupons. In most cases, you make the reservation in advance by calling (not online) and then you turn in your coupon when you go to collect/pick-up/check-in for whatever it is. Sometimes you pay when making the reservation, assuming the coupon applies, so it’s very important to have that paper coupon when you go in person to start whatever it is.

      • Patty

        Are the Alaska Airlines coupons good on all flights, or just certain ones? We don’t want to go on a flight that gets to Anchorage at 10 p.m. (We will be departing from San Antonio)
        Thank you.

    • Valerie

      Lona, hi! The best way to check Juneau discounts is by heading to the website directly – all of this year’s discounts can be seen online!

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