About Valerie & Valise

Who (is Valerie?)

My name is Valerie Stimac. There’s only one of me out there, so no point hiding it, I guess. Why would I want to?

I hail from a variety of places – I’ve called Maryland, Alaska, Iowa, Indiana, and Washington home, as well as London for a time. I’m not nomadic, traveling through Europe until the end of 2016. Now I live in Oakland, California.

I have a professional background in psychology and marketing, and my blog originally started as a hobby after I got my MBA. Now it has blossomed to cover travel stories related to some of my favorite topics: movies, food, history, and space tourism.

My blog is intended for people whose passions may go beyond the basics of visiting a destination and ticking boxes on a must-do list – I dive deep into what interests me about each destination and share them with you here. I hope you’ll stick around for the stories yet to come!

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What (is a Valise?)

I found it — a brown leather duffel — in a mall in Portland, Oregon. I hadn’t been looking for a new bag, and I loved that I would never be that person with a rolling suitcase again.

Since then, it’s been to London twice, across the Canadian Rockies on a train, and coast-to-coast across the U.S. by way of car and plane. When the strap broke, I started slinging the small handles over my shoulder. As the zipper has unraveled, I’ve learned how to pack and squeeze it closed just so, in order to put the least strain on the weak spots.

She won’t last forever, but my valise is my most frequent travel companion, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are the two valises I travel with most often:


Wilsons Leather Dakota Zip Closure Leather Duffel

The valise I first fell for, this leather duffel is perfect for anywhere from 2-10 days travel and has never failed to fit under the seat in front.


Patricia Nash Milano Weekender Signature Map

The ultimate bag to tell the world about your wanderlust, this Italian leather bag is embossed with a beautiful ancient map.

How (to Reach Me)

If you are a reader, fan, admirer, or aspiring travel blogger, you can reach me on my recently redesigned and totally sexy contact page! or on social media. See the very bottom of this page for easy links to each channel.

If you are a business, brand, or destination interested in working with me, please review my Work With Me page for more info.

Thanks for stopping by!

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