A Mantra for 2019 for Writing, Travel & Life

First of all: thank you for visiting my site.

Second: thank you even more for wanting to learn about me and my blog!

Let’s start at the beginning. Hi, my name is Valerie! I’ve been privileged to live across the U.S. and even overseas for a year. Here are the basics:

  • I was born on the East Coast of the U.S.
  • I was raised in Alaska
  • I have lived in Indianapolis, London, and Seattle
  • I now live in Oakland, California.
  • I’ve traveled a fair amount, but I’ve stopped keeping track of how many countries I’ve been to exactly.

My favorite places to travel are the places I’ve lived: London and Seattle.

I have a travel bucket list and I set a list of 40 Before 40 goals I want to accomplish before 2027. Some of the places on my must-travel list are New Zealand, Japan, and Antarctica.

I started this blog in 2013 to share my travel stories after living in Europe and traveling most of my life.

The name Valerie & Valise comes from two things: me (Valerie) and the first bag I used to travel with (my valise). ‘Valise’ is a French word which means ‘a small traveling bag or suitcase.’ While I sometimes call my fiancé “Mr. Valise” or “Mr. V,” his last name is not Valise, and I’m the only person who writes/runs this blog.

In addition to writing here, I have a few other ways I make a living: I founded the site Space Tourism Guide. I work as the Managing Editor for Go Overseas. I’m a freelance writer and I contribute regularly to Lonely Planet. (You can see all of the freelance stories I’ve written on my Press & Publications page.) In short, I’m a full-time freelancer/blogger making my way in this big wide world!

Now that you know a bit about me, here’s what you can do next:

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