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“Do you want to go sailing in Greece?”

Back on a rainy morning in early April, Mr. Valise and I were sitting in our Seattle apartment one morning when a Facebook message came in from my friend Fernando. Fernando and I went to business school together and worked on several projects in the same group; since graduation in 2013 I think I had seen him once on a return trip to London.

Out of the blue, his message popped up on Facebook. “I am organizing some sailing trips around Greece and it would be great if you would like to join and tell me your opinion.”

Um, yes. Yes, please.

Mr. Valise loves sailing and hates the rainy cold Seattle winter. On this particular grey day it was pretty much the easiest sell I’ve made when trying to convince him to go somewhere with me.

On July 30th, after 36 hours of travel, Mr. Valise and I set sail with A Dot in the Blue for a week. We explored the Ionian islands in Western Greece aboard a 50-foot Bavarian Yacht with seven fellow passengers. Our fleet comprised five boats (two catamaran and three monohull ships), and we took to the blue seas of Greece. The trip was both a challenging cultural immersion and a once-in-a-lifetime excuse to eat, drink, and cruise our way through a gorgeous Mediterranean country.

Here are the basics of our trip with A Dot in the Blue.

In our week of sailing, we:

  • Set sail from Lefkada, a five-hour bus ride from Athens
  • Sailed to the islands of Kastos, Ithaki, Kefalonia, and Meganisi
  • Made port in Vathy and Fiskardo
  • Ate everything Greek we could find, including delicious Greek salad, lamb and fresh seafood, and a whole lotta gelato (watermelon! honey & rice cake! banoffee pie!)
  • Drank Freddo Espresso basically every morning
  • Swam every day, including my bucket list accomplishing first swim in the Mediterranean
  • Got sunburned and learned how to stop getting sunburned
  • Nearly crashed into two other yachts
  • Bonded as a crew better than any other boats
  • Figured out that I don’t actually get too seasick when sailing

At some point I’ll detail our entire itinerary, but I wanted to share a video I made that shares the highlights of our story. Take a look below to see why I whole heartedly endorse booking a trip with A Dot in the Blue if you want to have a deeply immersive Greek sailing experience.

Disclaimer: I was invited to sail with A Dot in the Blue as a guest of Fernando in exchange for this coverage and marketing consulting upon our return home. My opinion is based on this professional relationship, but doesn’t affect the fact that I still recommend them for your trip. 


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