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When you think of Scottsdale, what comes to mind? Golf and spa resorts where you can practice your swing or enjoy a massage, right? Me too. At least, that’s what I thought of Scottsdale before I spent a weekend in Scottsdale!

Neighboring Phoenix, Scottsdale has long drawn a crowd with refined tastes to enjoy those fantastic fairways and splurge-worthy spas. But it turns out there’s so much more to Scottsdale than that. It’s an easy flight from most West Coast cities to Scottsdale – it’s two hours or less from Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Francisco!

So if you’re looking for a new weekend destination, consider spending a weekend in Scottsdale too. Delicious food, modern museums, and the great outdoors compliment those conventional Scottsdale activities like tee-times and massage appointments. Why not do them all? Here’s how when you have just 3 days in Scottsdale.

The Best Things to Do in Scottsdale for a Weekend

3 Days in Scottsdale - Sunset

Scottsdale is a perfect weekend destination because it’s totally possible to sample the best the city has to offer in a 2.5- to 3-day trip. Below I’ve highlighted what I recommend doing during your weekend in Scottsdale; then I suggest how to put it all together in a Scottsdale weekend itinerary.

1. Explore Old Town Scottsdale

When you walk out onto the hot sidewalks of Old Town you might think you’ve stepped into the Wild West. The heart of Scottsdale, Old Town has both modern stores and restaurants and some Scottsdale institutions.

While the Arizona sun can make walking around Old Town insanely warm, this part of the city is totally walkable and a great place to stay to base yourself for any other adventures in Scottsdale and the surrounding desert.

2. Enjoy Desert-Inspired Food & Drink

Scottsdale is full of amazing restaurants and some truly unique foods and drinks – but all of my favorite ones are inspired by the surrounding desert and the flavors you can find there.

Seek out house-made guacamole (Barrio Queen) and chorizo elote (Grenada) before noshing on grilled pineapple tacos (Diego Pops) and paired with a prickly pear margarita (Four Seasons Resort at Troon North). For desert, try a mesquite chocolate chip cookie (Super Chunk) or prickly pear macarons (Růže Cake House). Eating food made from or inspired by the Southwest and Mexico will help you get a better sense for what makes Scottsdale special.

Read my full list of must-try Scottsdale foods and drinks here.

3. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Scottsdale - Hot Air Balloon

Is taking a hot air balloon ride on your bucket list? If so, Scottsdale is a great place to do it! During my trip, I woke up super early one morning to go hot air ballooning with Hot Air Expeditions.

Our balloon roared with fire and rose above the desert, floating quietly over the hills, saguaro cactus, and homes in an area near Scottsdale called Carefree Valley. The desert changed from greyscale to a sandy color palette as the sun came up, and we ended the ride with champagne and breakfast in the desert near our landing site.

4. Go Museum-Hopping

If you love museums, you might be surprised what Scottsdale has to offer in that area. Air-conditioned museums offer a respite from the heat and a great chance to see art by local artists. Here are some of the ones I visited and a few others to add to your itinerary:

  • Museum of Contemporary Art – As the name suggests, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art has several galleries; they almost always feature local (Arizona/Southwest) artists and contemporary styles and mediums. There’s also the Turrell Skyspace, an open space piece of art by one of my favorite artists.
  • Wonderspaces – Located in Fashion Square, Wonderspaces is a temporary exhibit I had a chance to visit during my time in Scottsdale. It was filled with compelling art and exhibits that challenge you to actually interact with it. This is a temporary exhibit but it’s expected to change into another modern gallery space once Wonderspaces ends.
  • Museum of the West – The Museum of the West celebrates life in the American Southwest, from cowboys and sheriffs to fur trappers and indigenous art.
  • Musical Instruments Museum – The Musical Instruments Museum is technically located in Phoenix, but it’s a unique enough museum to merit a spot on the list. Whether you love music or just want to learn more about the instruments that make it, this is a good one. It’s also great for families!

5. Hike Among the Cacti

3 Days in Scottsdale - Night
This photo was taken at night, obviously not on a hike!

With close proximity to mountains, there are some good hikes of every difficulty near Scottsdale.

Whether you want a short, flat stroll through the desert (Jane Rau Trail in McDowell Sonoran Preserve – ½ mile) or accept a greater challenge (Pinnacle Peak Summit Trail in Pinnacle Peak park – 3½ miles with 1,300ft in elevation), there are plenty of options. Experience Scottsdale has two great resources on easy hikes and more adventurous ones if you have your heart set on hiking near Scottsdale.

As you plan your hike, don’t forget: it gets insanely hot in the Arizona desert! To combat this, hike early in the day or late (approaching sunset). Also always bring extra water so you don’t get dehydrated – the desert will really dry you out if you’re not careful!

6. Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Scottsdale - Spa

As I, ahem, get a bit older, I love to treat myself at the spa. Whether it’s a good well-earned massage (travel is tough on the body!) or a body scrub, I’ve become a budding connoisseur of taking care of my wellness this way.

Most of Scottsdale’s resorts also have spas, which is a great way to augment the rest of your trip. For example, book an afternoon massage at the Andaz after exploring Old Town or treat yo’ self with a tequila body scrub at the Agave Spa at the Westin Kierland. I did the latter and came away feeling pleasantly buzzed – not from any tequila, but from the salt scrub and agave-based lotions that left my skin the softest I’ve felt in years.

7. Go Golfing

I would be totally remiss to not mention Scottsdale’s #1 tourism draw: golf. While I’m not a golfer myself, I can understand why people love golfing in the Scottsdale area: warm weather, consistently blue skies (no delayed tee times!), and world-class courses. Fore! ??‍♀️(Is that what you say??)

3 Days in Scottsdale: A Weekend Itinerary

3 Days in Scottsdale - Valerie

Now that you’ve got some ideas for what to do, it’s time to put it all together. Based on my weekend in Scottsdale, here’s how I’d arrange my suggested activities in Scottsdale into a weekend trip.

I’m assuming you fly into Phoenix on Friday morning so you have from Friday afternoon through Sunday midday to explore Scottsdale. If you have longer, you can obviously take more time to enjoy the Old Town, add an extra round of golf, or take a longer hike. In the end, it’s up to you – these are just my suggestions.

Day 1: Arrive & Indulge

Don’t dawdle once you arrive in Scottsdale for the weekend – get checked into your resort, hotel, or Airbnb. You’re on a weekend trip! Start by heading out into Old Town to walk around and browse the shops a bit.

Scottsdale - Wine Tasting

If it’s too hot, opt for wine tasting at Carlson Creek Vineyards, Merkin Vineyards, or one of the other tasting rooms in Old Town. These wineries usually serve Arizona wines, and I won’t spoil it by telling you the whole story of how (and where) they figured out how to grow grapes in the desert.

Scottsdale Food - Chopped Salad

For dinner, head to Citizen Public House to enjoy the Original Chopped Salad followed by dessert from Super Chunk. I suggest the mesquite chocolate chip cookie; if you have enough room for it, make it an ice cream sandwich!

Day 2: Adventure, Relax & Savor

Start your only full day in Scottsdale bright and early – you might need to get up as early as 4am for your hot air balloon ride. (Note: you’ll need to book this in advance!) The actual wakeup/pickup time will depend on the time of year you visit and how early the sun rises.

After a peaceful ride over the desert landscape, you should be done and dropped back at your accommodation by around 9am. That gives you plenty of time for a round of golf or a short hike before the heat of the day totally kicks in.

Once it gets too hot to breathe, head indoors for a spa treatment. You can opt for one at your hotel or resort – or book one at a nearby property if you’re staying in an Airbnb. I highly recommend any of the tequila treatments at Agave, the Arizona Spa at the Westin Kierland.

For dinner, keep it light and fun with Brussel sprout nachos, tacos, or a Sonoran hot dog at Diego Pops. Snag a margarita or boozy sno-cone since it’s Saturday night!

Day 3: Museum Hopping, Dining & Departure

3 Days in Scottsdale - Brunch Tacos

Sunday mornings are perfect for laid-back brunches and strolling through museums, don’t you think? Hula’s Modern Tiki offers tons of delicious Caribbean and Pacific Island-inspired dishes and opens at 10:30am; The Mission makes a mean guacamole and aguacate (avocado margarita) and opens at 11am.

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art or Museum of the West are both great museum options to make the most of your last few hours in Scottsdale. Both are located in Old Town. If you’re up for a drive and traveling with young humans, the Museum of Musical Instruments is perfect for families.

Then it’s time to head to the airport or home, depending on your schedule!

Where to Stay in Scottsdale

One last detail before you book your Scottsdale trip… where to stay! Here are my insights, based on where I stayed and other places I visited.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort

Scottsdale - Embassy Suites

For my first two nights in Scottsdale, I stayed at the Embassy Suites Scottsdale Resort. The conservative exterior hides a delightful Spanish-style courtyard inside, as well as two pools and a hot tub.

The rooms at the Embassy Suites are massively spacious: I took full advantage of having a separate living room for work and bedroom for resting up between adventures.

Rooms at the Embassy Suites from $84 per night for Hilton Honors members ($86 for non-members). Book on or

Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows

For the remainder of my stay in Scottsdale, I was a guest at the Andaz. This millennial focused property is targeting young travelers and redefining whatever image of ‘Phoenix-area resorts’ you might have in your mind. They even have an Instagram tour of the property (hence the great photos I have from my stay)!

I stayed in one of their bungalow rooms; it was a throwback to mid-century style with plenty of modern amenities like a massive shower, ultra-comfy beds, and a little back patio where I enjoyed my coffee each morning. I didn’t get a chance to check out the pool or try the spa but it’s high on my list to get back for another stay and enjoy all they have to offer.

Rooms at the Andaz start from $128 per night. Book on or

Other Accommodation Options

In addition to the above hotels, I also had a chance to visit The Phoenician, an insanely nice five-star resort with multiple pools and the nicest spa I’ve ever visited. It’s the blow-your-budget option. Rooms start from $229; book on or

I also briefly visited the Westin Kierland to visit Agave, the Arizona Spa for that tequila body scrub I mentioned earlier. This property is a golf-lovers dream and a perfect desert getaway. Rooms start from $159; book on or

V’s Suggested Airbnbs

Y’all know by now that I love recommending Airbnbs because they’re a good alternative for travelers on a budget or who want more flexibility than hotels afford. Here are the Scottsdale Airbnbs that catch my eye:

  • The Fox, A Designer Condo near Old Town is Pinterest-inspired and perfect for 2. From $70/night; book on Airbnb.
  • This Cozy Retreat is right on the edge of Old Town, has modern design throughout, and has room for 4. I’m obsessed with the terrace which looks perfect for margaritas and a good book (or good convos with friends) on a hot afternoon. From $84/night; book on Airbnb.
  • This Cozy Condo is perfect for a couple. It’s close to downtown Scottsdale and not far from Old Town and Fashion Square Mall. From $75/night; book on Airbnb.

Don’t forget, you can always get up to $40 off your first Airbnb stay when you click my link first!

Okay, you’re all set – what to do, when to do it, and where to rest in between your Scottsdale adventures. Do you have other questions about spending a perfect weekend in Scottsdale? Let me know in the comments!

My trip to Scottsdale was possible thanks to Experience Scottsdale, the Embassy Suites Scottsdale Resort, the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows, and Bloghouse, a small mentor-based event for blogger professional development.



Will be in Scottsdale for 3/4 nights third week of January 2020. There for a quick getaway plus fact finding about possibly purchasing a condo ( 2nd place type of thing) Looking for advice on areas to check out for golf/tennis/hiking? Son resides in LA area and daughter back on the east coast where we are located so instead of buying in Florida like many east coasters do, thinking of going west.


Debbie, good choice with Scottsdale – I love the area! I know the Westin Keirland has a nice golf resort, but beyond that I’m far from an expert. You might also stay at the Boulders resort during your stay since they have hiking right on their property. Have a great trip!

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