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    The Complete Sausalito Ferry Guide: The Best Way to Visit Sausalito

    While planning your visit to Sausalito, you've undoubtedly heard that there's a really cool way to get here: the Sausalito ferry! As a waterfront community along the San Francisco Bay, Sausalito is connected to San Francisco by boat. This makes for a really unique experience for visitors – and for lucky commuters who use the boats each day to reach their jobs in the "big city" on the other side of the Golden Gate...

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    Where to Stay in Juneau: 7 Great B&Bs and Hotels in the Alaskan Capital

    Despite not visiting often as a kid growing up in Alaska, I've developed a soft spot for Southeast Alaska and the cities there. Alaska's capital city of Juneau is one of those must-visit spots, though many visitors only have a few hours in town, usually on a cruise excursion as part of their Alaska cruise. If cruising isn't for you and you know you want to spend time in Juneau, you'll need a night or two to see the main sights and enjoy the experiences the city has to offer...

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    Major Marine Tours Review: Seward’s Best Day Cruise (& My Personal Fave!)

    Most people want to go to Alaska to take a cruise: they board a ship in Seattle or Vancouver, spend seven days wending their way north, and enjoy a few excursions along the way. Upon pulling into port in Alaska, usually in Seward or Whittier, they're then eager to explore Alaska by land: they see the sights in Anchorage, maybe explore the outdoors a bit (maybe by hiking), and try to catch a glimpse of Denali. Most visitors don't necessarily think to hop back on a boat and explore the waterways looking for wildlife; they skip the chance to explore these two northern ports entirely...

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    What Will Be the Next National Park? Contenders for the 64th National Park

    As you may know from reading my site at all, I'm a huge fan of the national parks system in the U.S. I, like many, believe it to be one of America's best ideas – and I love traveling with the specific intent of visiting new national parks. Heck, Mr. V and I took a honeymoon road trip to explore national parks, and I plan an annual pilgrimage to a new park with my friend Marissa...

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    Coral Princess Review: Designed for Panama – Perfect for Alaska!

    If you think of a 20 year old cruise ship, what comes to mind? Probably not the best experience, right? Never fear though: Princess Cruise's Coral Princess might be old enough to drink (if she were a human), but a recent refurbishment makes her one of the newest in terms of experience. Best of all, she's specifically designed for certain destinations – and excels at cruising in one of my favorite places (and one that I cover a lot on my blog!)...

  • AI Can't Plan Your Trip - Exit Glacier Viewpoint
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    Why AI Can’t Plan Your (Alaska) Trip

    It's been almost 18 months since the world was taken by storm – a storm called ChatGPT. Since then, all of the major tech companies have been racing to release their own AI chatbots and technology – and I think we can agree, it's really been a race to the bottom. I run my business using technology, so I'm not a tech defeatist, but I think we can agree that AI could do so much more good than it's currently being used for...

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    The 27 Best Things to Do in Anchorage (According to a Local!)

    Many people have mixed feelings about their hometowns. Even I did – my parents recently reminded me that I once declared that once I left Alaska, I was "never going back!" (Boy, did I turn out to be wrong! Now I can't wait to go back.) You see, I grew up in Eagle River, a small community just outside Anchorage, Alaska. At the time, as many young people do, I had very little perspective on what made the place I called home so special...